A Lesson While Planning: Weaving Grace into the Daily Rhythms of Life

On the Trail of Grace

As I eagerly pulled the shrink-wrap off my crisp new homeschool planner last week, I felt the familiar anticipation and excitement for the coming school year welling up within me. This book, full of lovely blank spaces ready to be filled, represents all the tantalizing possibilities our new adventure offers. This one book will hold lesson plans and semester goals; records of skills mastered and books read; dates of appointments, meet-ups, and field trips; lists of chores to be done and new tasks to try, and so much more. One thing it won’t contain, though, is a time-referenced schedule for each day.

My pretty new planner has several pages available for detailing such a schedule, of course. On these pages, each waking hour has its own slot just waiting for me to decide in advance what we should do to fill each one. However, I’ve tried that, and here’s what I’ve learned: I can’t know what is best to…

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