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Infertility, Babies, Postpartum Dression, Hysterectomy… Oh my!

As a child I dreamed of being a mommy. I didn’t want to have a career. I wanted to put the kids on the bus and have warm cookies on the counter when they got home. Yeah, I know life isn’t a Hallmark movie and doesn’t happen perfectly like we plan.

Oh my gravy, I’m a planner!  I love a good plan and everything to go as planned.

We tried and tried to get pregnant for over a year. We sought the advice of my OB/Gyn, which lead to birth control (weird, right?) and then a few rounds of Clomid. 

The “act” of trying became robotic, scheduled  and uh-um, not fun or romantic.  Like I said, I like a plan, but this was not great for baby making or our relationship.

It was a roller coaster of emotions. We had so much hope and we (mostly I) would get excited that we’d possibly be pregnant, this time…

After three rounds of Clomid we decided to quit. It was all-consuming. It was time to place the desire to be parents in the hands of God. Doing IVF or anything more wasn’t feasible for us.

At church one evening (about three months after treatments were ceased), hope was restored for us to conceive naturally. After service we divided into a men’s group and a ladies group, for prayer. I asked for prayer regarding the desire for a baby. A pexels-photo-311391lady asked if it were possible if I could be pregnant at that moment. She said I had a “glow”.

Woah. Really?!

I had Jason stop at the store for a test on our way home. I had a hard time falling asleep, let alone staying asleep. I couldn’t wait to take that test!

I woke up early the next morning and took that test. I could not believe it! I waited as long as I could to wake up Jason!

My doctor wanted to see us right away.   She did an ultrasound at our first visit.  After many ultrasounds before (because of polycistic ovaries), we knew what we were looking at and it was different – a good different! Right away I spotted to tiny lives on that screen!

TWINS! Our very own little miracles.

We wanted to tell our family at one time – everyone together. We sent out invitations and we all met for breakfast. We knew that our parents were suspicious, but when we said, “with twins”! The shock. The excitement. The happiness.

What?! Twins!
My dad started calling family before we were even finished talking! That was such a fun day!

Yes, we used Clomid. Yes, it’s possible that there were residual hormones resulting in multiple eggs to be released. My babies were conceived naturally. They were conceived in love. They were conceived when we let God be God and we relaxed and started to enjoy each other again.  God’s timing and His ways are good and for His glory.

We were blessed with a girl and a boy. Two tiny little five pound bundles of joy!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our journey.

Much love!


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