Really?! I’m Too Young For This!

I’m really close to my 36th birthday- like days away…

I’ve been having some strange womanly issues and when the discomfort and annoyances went to sharp pains, I called my amazing gynecologist. She’s seriously great (more about her in a later post.)

The hubs and I decided back in 2011 we were done having babies. It wasn’t an easy decision, but babies are expensive and I feared another battle with postpartum depression (I  promise this story is coming soon). We settled on Essure for a permanent birth control solution. 

These little nickel coils are implanted into your Fallopian tubes and are supposed to cause scar tissue to form, preventing anything getting out of there or anything getting up in there. 

One of my coils is missing. It is possible it is lodged in my ovary- which isn’t good or somewhere else and can perforate another organ.  

My hormones have gone BONKERS! 

It turns out that I’m perimenopausal. Seriously, days away from being 36. I have friends that have had babies at 36!

After praying,  talking with my doctor and lots of research over these little evil coils, we decided a hysterectomy would be the safest and best option. I go in the day before my 36th birthday for surgery.  

I look forward to getting these things out of my body and continuing on my journey to wellness. 

Ladies, please research before making decisions that include putting foreign objects in your body. 

Read about, Ariel Grace’s Law and what happened to this family. 
If I can save one of you from making this decision, this post is worth it. 

That’s my PSA for the day!

Much love!


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