Homeschool Blessings


Homeschooling can be expensive. Keeping the spending within the budget can be tricky. In printing alone, you can spend a fortune. 

Every time I walk into a second hand or discounted book store, I look for curricula we can use. 

This past weekend I managed to pick up 5 books at, 2nd & Charles. They offer a, 20% off educator discount (must show your letter or co-op ID). I spent less than $20!

I’m also pretty blessed with friends and family that are letting me borrow an entire slew of books! You know who you are, and you’re pretty amazing! 💓

I utilize the library like crazy! You can even get access to language courses such as, Rosetta Stone.  We are pretty fortunate to have two great libraries near us. 

I’m so thankful for these resources and for the homeschool families in our lives! 

📣Chime In! How do you save money homeschooling?

much love!

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