Homeschooling Freedom

Hello friends!

Freedom! I love the freedom that homeschool offers. I know that I’ve said it a hundred times, but it’s true!

My plan for social studies this, was to learn the 50 states (in order of statehood) and some facts about them. Once we got through the first 13, we studied some colonial history.  

When December came around, we then decided to study the history of Christmas. 

With the inauguration, we have been talking about the White House, the inauguration, the secret service, and about the Presidents (their pets too!). We will continue this study through Feburary (hopefully). We will finish it with each child choosing a president to research and write a report. 

I love that, when a holiday comes up or a tangent from something we are learning, causes excitement to learn something new!

I’m so thankful we have two great libraries near us, that helps us to dig deeper and learn different and interesting topics!

I’m also very thankful to be re-learning and learning things I didn’t know alongside of my kiddos!

What freedoms are you thankful for with homeschooling?

4 thoughts on “Homeschooling Freedom

  1. I cherish the freedom of homeschooling! We have also been studying early state history in the order of statehood. It’s fun to go off on tangents! I think the freedom I love the most is the time we have been able to spend reading classic and beautiful literature together. Great post! 💛

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  2. I particularly like how flexible learning time is. If you end up spending two hours on something the kids are into, you can do that. There’s no reason to stop with the ring of a bell and the day of learning can be as long or as short as suits the day. It’s made for days with no sit down lessons but spent in the garden or out in nature instead.

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