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Monday Wellness Motivation

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I have been working on cleaning up my diet for the past two weeks.  I’ve been leaning towards a Paleo- Whole30 kind of plan.  Really focusing on good quality fats, vegetables, some protein, and a little bit of low glycemic fruit and organic dairy (mostly yogurt).  I’m not feeling deprived or even hungry!

I love to see progress quickly.  In the past I just quit after not seeing the results.  To stay motivated I’ve started to journal about my journey.  In my journal, I wrote down my “why” for doing this and I’ve rewritten negative thoughts to a positive affirmations.  Keeping track of the small wins such as, liking a new vegetable or completing a challenging exercise has been so helpful!

Get a journal and commit to being a better you!no-act-ofkindnessno-matterhow-smallis-ever-wasted

Much love!


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