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Learning to Love Myself

I hope everyone had a great New Years!

My family passed around a cold for the better part of 2 or 3 weeks.  I was the last to get it and it hit me hardest. In the past few days I feel like a new person, except for my neck. In all my coughing and sleeping on the sofa, I’ve injured myself.

Typically with colds, I end up with a sinus infection with some sort of upper respiratory infection.  I was determined to not use cold medications or go to the doctor.

Essential oils.  Oregano oil.  Elderberry. Apple cider vinegar. Raw garlic. Lots of water.  Chiropractic adjustment.

After all of the sickness of late, I have felt even more motivated to get back on the path to wellness.


My journey to wellness has had its ups and downs.  Strong and determined – headed in the right direction and then, take massive step back and get off track.  On this journey, I am gaining so much knowledge; what foods are best for my body (this has always gotten me – there are so many theories out there), toxins to eliminate, using oils and natural remedies .

I think we’ve covered this before, but I always get caught up in my head.  If I don’t see or feel changes in my weight loss I’m easily derailed.  I talk to myself negatively.  I believe this is a big portion as to why I haven’t had much success.  I have to learn to love myself and treat myself kindly.  Retrain my brain.

What keeps you motivated? What are some of your wellness tips?

Much love,

A Perfectly Flawed Mom



4 thoughts on “Learning to Love Myself

  1. I think we all struggle to love ourselves all the time. I think you’re making great strides in your journey. Happy New Year and hope you feel back to your normal self (or better) soon. 💛

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