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Advent Tree

Hello friends! This morning I am working on our Advent tree. I bought these cute countdown tags from Michaels. On the tags I am writing names of Jesus with scripture references. 

On a different tag I am writing activities we will do as a family. They could include:

  • Decorating cookies
  • Serving at church or another place
  • Going to the Christmas Ranch
  • See a musical
  • Cookie decorating party with neighbors
  • Go to the Museum Center train display
  • Go to the live nativity and the creation museum
  • Go see Awaited at Crossroads
  • Polar Express Night with hot cocoa
  • Drive around town looking at lights
  • Take treats to neighbors and/or the police station
  • Make a treat with dad

We feel that having experiences- the gift of time is the best gift. These are the gifts you remember. The time could be doing something fun together or doing something for someone else. 

I couldn’t get a great photo, so I’m showing a couple of my shots. 

I’m praying that all of us are able to refocus and realign ourselves with Jesus during this Christmas season. Gifts are good, but shouldn’t be what our focus is on. Jesus is the greatest Gift and the one we should be excited to boast about. 

Much love!


8 thoughts on “Advent Tree

  1. Love this! I need to get our advent ready today as well. We do something similar to focus on our Savior, and I agree, the activities we share together as a family through the Christmas season are priceless gifts.

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