Extreme Joy & Uncomplicated

Hello all! 

I have said before, I’m at a point in my life where I crave authentic community and I want to do life with others. I’ve spent way too much time in isolation. 

The isolation has caused me to tumble into a pit many times. It’s lonely. It’s dark. It feels hopeless. 

I don’t want that isolation anymore! As much as it goes against my introverted self and social anxiety issues, I have this disire- this hunger for authentic community. I want to be real with people and I want people to be real with me. Build each other up. Help where I can help. Break bread- well, gluten free bread!

In my quiet time I am doing Lisa Harper and Annie F. Downs, Believing Jesus A Journey Through the Book of Acts. This is a great study! I haven’t been able to attend the ladies group to watch the videos and join the group discussion but a few times. I’m still able to go through the study, thanks to Lisa’s video notes!

Today I started reading from Acts 2:42-47

These are a few things that stood out to me:

•They had everything in common- this kind of blows my mind. But when I think about it, they were in the trenches together. Sharing life and their belongings. They were praying together and devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles. Of course they would have everything in common, their hearts were aligned with Gods. 

• They sold of their belongings to help others

• They broke bread in each other’s homes with glad and sincere hearts- I have a hard time being glad and vulnerable enough to open up if someone in the group is insincere. 

In the book I’m reading it says, “In the original Greek, the first word is agalliasis,  which means excited, exuberant, full of joy- INTENSE joy, EXTREME joy… the second word is aphelotés, which means simplicity, uncomplicated and unecumbered, without hindrances or stumbling blocks. This is the only place in the Bible where this word is used!”

Extreme joy and uncomplicated. What a beautiful way to describe community- relationships!

Are you in community? How does it look in your community group?  

Much love!

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