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The Thankful Tree

I was blessed to be an ally in a parenting class a few years ago. Jen is the sweetest- the most heartfelt person. The love of Jesus just oozes from her.  Jen and her amazing staff are amazing at, Tried and True Parentingting!  I learned so much from her classes and continue to do so from reunion classes. 

As a mom and former director in children’s ministry, I love creative ideas to teach kids life lessons in a family engaging way. Jen and her staff created vases and leaves cut from scrapbook paper. We tied some string through the holes and hung them on the branches we collected. My family will write something they are thankful for each night at dinner, leading up to Thanksgiving.


I feel that an activity like this will help prepare our hearts and minds for the upcoming advent season! Stay tuned for an advent activity!

Do you see the smaller jar with strips of paper?! That’s another activity from Jen and her team! These strips of paper have conversation starters. We use the at dinner time. 

Questions like: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? What is something you are most proud of? What makes a good friend?

These sometimes lead to silly conversations, but most of the time they are good teachable moments!

Thanks Jen! I’m so blessed by you! 

Much love!

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