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Geez oh Pete! Life can seriously get busy! You have house and yard work to do, curriculum to plan and papers to go over, running errands and meal planning/cooking, pumpkin patches and parties to go to (creating memories is a must, right?)

 and then your dad has a heart attack… My dad was across the country and this phone call shook me (I’m a daddy’s girl)! Praise sweet Jesus, he is doing really well and is home! He can get back to work next week. 

I’m tired. My body doesn’t deal with stress well. The slightest thing will knock me down for a week. 

Balance. I am in need of some balance in my life! How do you balance homeschool, appointments, errands, meal planning/ preparing, and the house work (3 kids and their belongings seem to be in every room)?

When life gets crazy and out my control, I even forget to stop and be with the Lord! The only One who can bring peace, rest, and balance into my life. He wants to be included in all things. Even when you can’t find the words to pray, sit and let Jesus intercede for you.  

How do you bring balance into your lives? How do you get it all done? What do you let slide? What responsibilities have you given your kids and possibly the hubs?

I hope you have a beautiful week! Remember to rest in the presence of Abba Father, even if it’s just sitting at his feet (this is for me too).  

Much love!

6 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Oh girl, I feel ya! Someone told me recently that finding balance is sometimes elusive and even impossible, so we may do better to just rest in the Lord in the midst of the imbalance, and find joy and peace there. It’s something I’ve been praying about and striving to do every morning. Starting off my day by taking some time to give the day over to Him is helpful to me.

    I think it’s key when you mentioned “letting things slide.” Being intentional about letting some things on my “to-do” list remain unchecked helps me be okay with not accomplishing everything. Otherwise Satan can use that to make me feel like a failure. Which is not Truth, and I refuse to believe that lie.

    On a practical note, the biggest game changer for us lately has been for each kid to have their own hamper. This saves a TON of time sorting their clothes after they are dry. I don’t have to figure out which shirt belongs to which boy, etc. (That takes more time that you’d think) It also helps me see at a quick glance whose clothes need priority when I’m doing laundry. This week I’m starting a new system where I wash a different person’s clothes each day. We’ll see how that goes. None of those are new ideas, but have helped us a lot. Our kids also put away their own clothes after they have been folded. We are working toward everyone doing their own laundry. It’s all a process, though, right?!

    The other thing that works well for us is for each kid to have a different “zone” they are responsible to keep clean (living room, school room, upstairs bathroom and hallway, entryway). Although everyone needs to put their own things away in general, assigning each kid to an area gives them ownership of it and they feel less overwhelmed about keeping ALL the areas free from their clutter. It has also provided good teaching opportunities about how you can kindly remind your brother/sister to put away their toys that are in your area or whatever. I don’t really know why this has worked for us but it has. We have done “inspections” at 7:00 each night to make sure everyone has their area clean. They think it’s fun and are excited to “report” that they are ready for inspection.

    Still, our house is often more cluttered than I’d like and I’m almost always behind on laundry, haha! But I am encouraged to know that many of us are in the same boat, dealing with similar struggles, and I am thankful to serve a God who loves me and accepts me, and designed me with weaknesses so that I rely more on Him.

    You are doing great. Hang in there! Love you! Xoxo

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  2. So sorry about your dad, thankful he is ok. Some of my kids are older (college age) so I’m able to delegate a few of the daily tasks. We are also always behind on laundry, it’s a never ending battle. Press on!

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