A Visit from our Kiwi Friends

Some souls just understand each other upon meeting


We had the best time last week!  Our friends from New Zealand came to visit!  It has been 17 years since we have seen Pixie (her given name is, Tania.  At the camp we worked at together we had camp names and hers stuck with us).  At camp, she quickly became the big sister type of friend.  We were always together!   We’ve kept connected through social media, some phone calls, and snail mail items :).

When Pixie, her husband Scott and their handsome boys arrived, it was like we’d never been apart!  There was even an instant connection between our husbands and our kids!

A Sweet friendship refreshes the soul

Proverbs 27:9

Riley (Pixie’s oldest son) and Pixie brought us a boat load of treats and snack foods from NZ (yes, I  backslid on my eating plan.  Stayed off the gluten.  Working on cleaning things back up again.).  The kids were so excited to try all the goodies!  ***Side note…. I decided to look at the ingredients on the packages of what would be similar to Cheetos, there were way less ingredients in the NZ counterparts!***

There are many things we Americans take for granted, here’s a few examples: 1) Carving pumpkins! Our beautiful plump, orange pumpkins are a rare item in NZ.  Jason and the kids carved mini pumpkins with Riley, for his first time 2) Prepackaged foods!  Yes, we are learning that these things are not healthy, but can you imagine someones first experience with cinnamon rolls from a can?!  Yep, they loved them! 3) Wal-Mart and Target! Really, I cannot imagine a world without these two places!  Pixie bought a new suitcase to lug home all of her deals (and 20 country music cd’s)! 4) S’mores!  Yes, that’s right, s’mores!  We were able to experience this first with Riley as well!  ***Interesting fact, they aren’t allowed to have bonfires in NZ, not even on the beaches.

Lillian had an instant connection with Cooper.  Cooper is such a sweet boy!  I love his spunky and silly personality!  He had Lillian pushing him in his wheel chair all over our neighborhood, pointing in the direction she should go. The squeals and laughter were so sweet!  Together, they watched the school buses come and go, the UPS Truck, and the mail lady pick up and deliver mail (they get mailed delivered, but they have to take outgoing mail to the post office).

I pray that another 17 years doesn’t pass us  before we see each other again!  I cannot explain the connection in a way that justifies it, but it’s a beautiful friendship and one that I cherish. I miss you all already!

Much love!




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