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Kids Serving

A few months ago our church had Orange Sunday. If you’re not familiar with Orange, watch this short video. On Orange Sunday they talked about the importance of NextGen leaders for our kids, and to encourage people to sign up to serve. My kids were excited and wanted a place to serve as well! As a mom and a former children’s ministry director (crazy about Orange as well), I was so proud of them! I figured it’d be difficult to find a place for them at their age. My friend (the director of the ministry) contacted me and asked if the twins would be interested in serving on the prep team. This is a once a month commitment and being homeschooled, it would be perfect! Yesterday was their second time serving in this capacity and they love it!- the job includes sorting, aphlelbetical order, organizing, and serving Jesus, I’d say it’s a successful homeschool day!

Do you include service in your homeschool days?

Much love!


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