Our First Few Days

Natalie started second grade at our local school on Wednesday, so we started as well. I’m pretty sure Lillian and Wyatt were most excited about wearing their pajamas to school!

I decided that we would ease into our school work. We began with Bible studying. This isn’t a subject that we are testing on. Although we will memorize the books of the Bible and scripture. I feel it’s important that kids need to learn to study and pray independently- establish and grow in their relationship with the Lord. They need to learn skills to study on their own so they can apply what they are studying. 

We have worked on math ALOT! Oh my gravy, they need some serious mastery! Two of the websites we’ve been using are, Xtra Math and Sumdog. I’ve also given them worksheets to complete (there are so many free and inexpensive places online for worksheets-another post). 

For copy work, I have them cooy two verses a day (in a composition notebook). We began with Proverbs 1. 
We are learning about nutrition for health. I gathered several books from the library and created my own worksheets. I’ve challenged the kiddos to try a new fruit and/ or veggie every time we go to the store or farmers market. 

On Friday I had an appointment right before lunch, so we needed to take some work with us. In a folder I put three math worksheets, notebook paper, and dry erase handwriting (printing for one and cursive for the other) book with a pencil and dry erase marker. They also brought a book to read. We then finished our day doing some computer work at the library. 

Next week we will be adding more to our schedule: history, reading and comprehension, spelling, and gym class with dad. I really hope your school year is off to a great start! 


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