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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

We should wash our faces daily, right?  Do you wash your makeup brushes? Think about the oils and dirt, not to mention the caked on make up that gets built up in those bristles.

My skin is sensitive and I breakout so easily. I have to be careful with soaps and makeup. I do better with products that are natural. Since my skin is so touchy, washing my makeup brushes is a must. Here’s what I do:


In a cup mix, a drop of liquid Castile soap, two drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil, a dropper of Argan oil, and some water. Put your brushes down in the water mixture and let them sit a few minutes. Swirl one brush at a time in the mixture and then rinse in cool water until it the water runs clear. Let them dry on clean wash cloth.

Tea tree and lavender oil are both great for acne and other skin irritations.  Argan oil has many benefits as well, but is as a great gentle moisturizer.

I hope you enjoy this DIY!

Much Love!



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