Cold Brewed Coffee

I. Love. Coffee.

In the past I was a barista at two different locally owned coffee shops.  These two shops were so dear to me (they no longer are opened or are owned by someone else). Working at these two shops were precursors to two different ministries we’d be apart of.  They lead to friendships and experiences that could only be orchestrated by God.

I prefer locally owned coffee shops. Sure, some don’t taste as good as others, but for the most part they are WAY better than that national chain. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m desperate I will stop at the national chain shop.

There are two local coffee shops in our area that we will drive out of our way to get a great cup of coffee! If you are in Lebanon, Ohio check out Lot No. 1. If you are in West Chester, Ohio check out Cavu Coffee.

Our favorite place to visit is Asheville, North Carolina.  If you ever visit here, you must get coffee at Double D’s!  It’s a red double-decker bus.  The coffee AMAZING!


As much as I love these amazing shops, going out for coffee isn’t always affordable or convenient. We’ve been making cold brewed coffee all summer long! Here’s how we do it:

Put 1.75 cups of coarsely ground dark roasted or espresso coffee beans in 2 quart pitcher and add water to the top. Shake the pitcher or stir really well. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours. Put cheese cloth in a sieve and strain over another pitcher. The hubs will just pour over ice. I like to dilute mine a little with ice and water.

In case we are in your neck of the woods, what’s your favorite coffee shop?


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