Homeschooling Rookie

***I am totally still a rookie trying to figure this all out***

When I felt the call to homeschool, I had no idea there were so many methods!    I still have no idea what our method is or if we fit into any one category.  There are teaching styles and learning styles.  I’ve researched blogs, podcasts, books, and YouTube channels.  What I’ve discovered is that there is so much freedom!  You don’t have to purchase pricey boxed curriculum or fit into any one mold.  I know that I am a rookie and am still figuring this all out, but I have peace.  I have peace that as I pray and seek the Lord, he has and will guide me.

Not all kids learn well in a traditional setting.  I didn’t.  I did well enough, but didn’t thrive until I was in high school and went to the vocational school.  It was hands on.  I saw the purpose.  I want to help my kids thrive in a learning setting that fosters how they learn.

The word that I keep seeing in my research is, mastery.  I want to help my kids master what they are learning.  Over the summer we have worked on math facts, reading, and handwriting (not everyday, just enough to keep our brains active).  I discovered that two of my kids were struggling with math facts and were frustrated.  They never mastered simple math, they learned the facts for a test.  I don’t blame anyone, my kids had AMAZING teachers and were (and still are) blessings!  We are going to master these facts and proceed forward as they do master them.

At times I get a little stressed about curriculum.  I am a rule follower and a planner.  Having a boxed curriculum with everything laid out might help with my issues, but it’s so expensive!  I went to a second time around book store and bought a stack of books for $30!  Yesterday, I went to the library and picked up 4 books on eating healthy and just created 4 worksheets on my own (well, with the guidance of my Gracious Father).  I’ve prayed for guidance and ideas, and He was (is) faithful!

I will say this, homeschooling isn’t for everybody.  My calling, my convictions are just that- they are mine.

Stay tuned, as this homeschooling rookie embarks on this journey!

Much love!




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