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Mamaw’s Fried Apples

My mamaw has some pretty legendary recipes! I wanted to share some memories of cooking with her and her method for fried apples. These apples are pure comfort food, that send me right back to my childhood. I can almost picture us kids around the table with papaw sneaking food to the dog.– sweet times.


A Lesson While Planning: Weaving Grace into the Daily Rhythms of Life

Originally posted on On the Trail of Grace:
As I eagerly pulled the shrink-wrap off my crisp new homeschool planner last week, I felt the familiar anticipation and excitement for the coming school year welling up within me. This book, full of lovely blank spaces ready to be filled, represents all the tantalizing possibilities our new adventure offers. This…


3 Reasons to Avoid Overcompliance with State Homeschool Laws

Originally posted on There's No Place Like Home:
Here we are in the middle of May. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? For those of us who homeschool in states that require some sort of end-of-the-year reporting to our school districts, right about now is when we start scampering around collecting work samples, finishing…